Welcome from the Local Organizing Committee

The Local Organizing Committee would like to address you the warmest welcome to the next International Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference, ICEC29-ICMC 2024, hosted by CERN and taking place in the CICG (Geneva’s International Centre for Conferences, close to United Nations headquarters) in the city of Geneva, Switzerland.

The technical program, promoting strong academic and industrial presence and collaboration, features a very large spectrum of presentations in the latest research and state-of-the-art realizations in the domains of cryogenics, cryogenic materials and their strongly expanding applications world-wide.

The technical program also foresees a unique opportunity to visit the CERN’s (European Organization for Nuclear Research) cryogenic facilities and the unmissable visit of the brand-new CERN’s Science Gateway flagship for science education and outreach, opening to public in October 2023, a unique place for all visitors of all ages to discover CERN’s science and technologies, with immersive exhibitions, hands-on learning, cryogenics being of-course part of it!

This event will also be an excellent opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Geneva and surroundings, the Leman Lake, one of the biggest European mountain lakes, and the closely located Swiss and French Alps including the famous Matterhorn and Mont Blanc mountains and several world leading ski-resorts open on yearly basis.

And for those guided by the Olympic spirit, why not continue the journey with the Olympic Games in Paris, France, whose opening ceremony will take place immediately after the closing of the ICEC29-ICMC2024 Conference in Geneva and CERN!

We look forward to seeing you in person, in Geneva and CERN in July 2024!

The ICEC29-ICMC 2024 Local Organizing Committee