Are you fascinated by physics and engineering? Curious to dive into CERN’s research activities and technological achievements? Then join one of our guided tours. CERN physicists, engineers, students, and staff will show you around fascinating places at CERN.

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The technical visits will be all guided tours. The tour will include a visit to CERN's permanent exhibitions as well as guided tours to surface work sites.

12 visit sites will be available for the visitors grouped in 4 circuits.

We offer you a unique opportunity to explore sites dedicated to the cryogenic testing of superconducting magnets and components, witness the production of superconducting cables, observe cryogenic characterizations at low temperatures, and delve into expansive experimental areas where cutting-edge physics experiments are in progress.

Join us for an insightful and immersive technical visit to gain firsthand experience in the fascinating world of cryogenics and experimental physics at CERN!


There will be no possibility to choose the circuit. We will complete the circuits with on a first-come, first-served basis.

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