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International Conference Centre Geneva

The International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG) is the property of the Foundation for Buildings for International Organizations (FIPOI), a private foundation created jointly in 1964 by the Swiss Confederation and the canton of Geneva. 

CICG's commitment to sustainable development is ongoing, including being part of 2050Today, a community of international Geneva institutions committed to ensuring a rapid, continuous, and measurable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from their own institutions.


Ground floor

Level 0

Level 1

Level 1

Level 2

Level 2



Ground Floor

 Espce Ella Maillart  poster sessions
 Espace Jeanne Hersch                    technical exhibition
 Salle A + B                                               oral sessions
 Salle C                                        oral sessions
 Salle D                                     plenary sessions and oral sessions
Level 1   Lunch area  
Level 2  Salle 13  meeting room 
 Salle 14  publication and presentation upload office
 Salle 9  meeting room 


Address and contact information

Geneva’s International Conference Center
17 rue de Varembe
CH – 1202 Geneva
T +41 22 791 91 11
F +41 22 791 90 64